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    Important News

    Gear steel of TISCO applied in wind power project   2015-09-18
    Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. – Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Agreement on Rail T…   2015-09-15
    TISCO stands out as the first producer qualified for special steel for hydro-power applicati…   2015-09-12
    STSS ranks 66th among TOP 500 Chinese Enterprises and tops the Shanxi list   2015-09-10
    TISCO International Trading Company is approved as a reserve tendering and bidding agency fo…   2015-09-07
    TISCO deploys “Quality Month” and 4th quarter continuous improvement activities   2015-09-01
    Li Xiaobo Met with his Counterpart in Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group   2015-08-25
    Ultra Supercritical Steel for Boiler Retaining Ring Produced by TISCO Put into Application   2015-08-20
    TISCO Held Meeting to Call for Strengthened Management of Hazardous Chemicals   2015-08-17
    From Performance Management Mode to National Prize for Quality   2015-08-10
    TISCO is Titled “Five Star Chinese Industrial Enterprise in Performing Social Responsibility…   2015-08-04
    TISCO Held Its 2nd Board Meeting in 2015   2015-07-23
    TISCO Vigorously Pushes Forward Its E-commercial Platform   2015-07-20
    TISCO Get Approved for Centralized Operation of Foreign Exchange Funds   2015-07-13
    TISCO Drew Wide Attention in Circular Economy Exhibition   2015-07-10
    TISCO was Approved as a Pilot Company for Ecological Design   2015-07-07