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    Important News

    Strategic Partnerships with Shanghai Morimatsu Pressure Vessel Co Ltd. and Shanghai Houpu Co…   2014-04-12
    Announcement about Restatement of Counterfeiting STSS Brand for Illegal Business Activities   2014-04-09
    The Blast Furnace Slag Flushing Water Waste Heat Recovery Project of TISCO Benefit the Resid…   2014-03-25
    TISCO was awarded the honorable title of “2013 Best practices in protection of natural envir…   2014-03-05
    2014 Working Conference on Scientific Technology and Quality Work Convened by TISCO   2014-03-03
    The Wheel Axle Evaluation Experts of China Railway Corporation Visited TISCO   2014-02-19
    Harmonious Coexistence of Iron and Steel Enterprise with Eco-city   2014-02-18
    Li Xiaobo Met Chairman and Party Secretary of CISDI Xiao Xuewen   2014-01-17
    The First Meeting of TSCO Board of Directors of was Convened   2014-01-10
    TISCO’s Engineering Technology Contracting and Service Achieved Leapfrog Development in Past…   2014-01-08
    Two Types of Products of TISCO won Golden Cup Prize of China Iron & Steel Association   2014-01-07
    Three National Standards on Stainless Steel Plates and sheets Revised by TISCO were Examined…   2014-01-06
    TISCO got the first pot of gold from Shanxi Comprehensive Bonded Zone   2013-12-31
    STSS Nominated for the First China Quality Award   2013-12-19
    TISCO won the anti-dumping investigations on its cold rolled Stainless steel products launch…   2013-12-15
    TISCO Products Used In “Chang-e” Lunar Probe Prompted Onto the Moon   2013-12-04