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    Brief Introduction
    Brief Introduction
    Taiyuan Iron and Steel(Group)Co., Ltd.(for short: TISCO)was established in 1934 and located at Feng River shore, Taiyuan, called Dragon City.
    TISCO is an extra-big iron and steel complex, combination with iron ore mining, steel-making production and processing, goods distribution and trading, the largest stainless steel enterprise equipped with up-to-date technical and process installations, complete set of specifications, with 10 million tons of steel being produced per year ( in which, 4 million tons of stainless steel) and annual turnovers for 8 years in a row outnumbering 100 billion RMB Yuan.
    TISCO is devoting itself to the research and development, and production and processing of stainless steel, special steel and high-level carbon steel, and possesses a powerful research and development team and product quality guarantee capability. TISCO Technology Center ranks the 4th among 887 national recognized enterprise technical centers. At prsent, the high effective, energy-saving and longer service life series cluster of products such as stainless steel and cold-rolled silicon steel with high strength and toughness have been produced, mainly used for petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, container, rail, automobile, city light rail, big power station and “Shen Zhou”series space-ship etc. key domains and emerging industries. Steel for railway, and duplex steel, heat resistance steel, axle steel and 9%Ni steel etc. 20 steel grades and varieties cover the most of domestic market.
    TISCO insists on green development, bending on technical creation and innovation and technial progress, vigorously sparkplugging production and life mode with retrenching, environmental protection and civilization, persisting in taking the new industrialized road and sustainable development road, early or late, a barrage of new projects of environment friendly, for example, CDQ (Coke dry quenching); CMC (Coal moisture control); desulphurization and acid making with COG (Coke oven gas); desulphurization and denitration and acid-making with sintering flue gas; combined cycle power generation with blast furnace gas; power generation of top pressure gas recovery of blast furnace; power generation of saturated steam; steel slag treatment; water treatment with industry membrane; urbane sewage treatment; acid regeneration; resouce re-utilization of metallurgical dust and slag; steel slag fertilizer manufacturing etc. have been put into operation, energy consumption/10 thousand RMB output value, comprehensive energy consumption/ton steel, fresh water consumption, smoke and dust emissions, sulphur dioxide emission , COD(chemical oxygen demand)emissions etc. leading indicators stand top table compared with the same industry.
    TISCO adheres to pushing ahead internationalization business and overseas resources development, partaking coal resource restructure within Shanxi Province, giving impetus to coal-steel strategic alliance, formulating safe and stable strategic supply chain; speeding up the construction of stainless steel ecological industrial park and developing the further deep processing of stainless steel products; setting up distribution center of processed steel products and extension of stainless steel product chain; restructure of resources and exploiting the advantages to the full; starting with the development and complete of technical exporting of new technology, new process, new material and new installations of metallurgical industry; energetically engaging in the international trade, keeping the steady economic trade relations with U.S.A., Germany, France, U.K, Japan, Korea, Australia etc. 80 countries and regions.
    TISCO was awarded “National Quality”、“First Nomination of Chinese Government Quality”、“China Industry Giant Prize”,“10 Power Enterprises of National Self-innovation Capability”、“Friendly Enterprise of Cleaning Production Environment of China Iron and Steel Industry”、“Model Unit of National Circular Economy”、 “Model Unit of China Afforestation”、“Enterprise for Best Social Responsibility”、“Harmonious Enterprise of National Labour Relations”、“Model Unit of National Enterprise Cultural Construction”.
    Looking at the the future, TISCO is ready for further development of strong enterprise and extension development, diverse development, green development and harmonious development based upon the major theme of scientific development, principal line of transfomational development, motive power of scientific innovation and staff team building, and constructs TISCO into global competitive stainless steel enterprise and domestic first-class and world famous big enterprise group.
    Company Address:
    No 2 Jian Cao Ping Street, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China
    Postal Code:030003 
    Tel:86-351-3012615 3131542