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    Our Target
    Our Target

    Adhering to the scientific development philosophy as a guide and scientific innovation and technological progress as the support, we advocate thrift, environmental protection and civilized modes of production, keep on taking a new road of industrialization and sustainable development, speed up greening of the processing equipment , manufacturing process and product application, thus achiev clean production of the whole process flow and make circular economy , energy saving and GHGs reduction as TISCO’s new approach to development,  growth point for the benefits and  competitive power, finally build TISCO into a demonstration plant of circular economy , energy saving and GHGs recuction in metallurgical industry.

    Greening of the processing equipment is to replace unadvanced capabilities with advanced ones through independent innovation and targetingn the world-class level,and fast upgrade the technology and equipment of the whole process flow so as to make the main equipments large-scale, intensive, modernized and highly efficient and lay a solid foundation  for improving the product quality, reducing energy consumption and pollutant emissions and creating a green environment.

    Greening of the manufacturing process is to promote vigorously energy saving ,  pollutant reducing and recycling of the full process flow and the whole system by upgrading technology and optimizing process so as to realize recycling of waste resources and greening transformation of manufacturing process.

    Greening of the product application is to develop and produce new  highly efficient, energy-saving materials of iron and steel with the support of technological innovation  to save steel resources , improve efficiency in the use of steel and achieve maximization of the advantaged value.