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    Environment Protection Performance
    Environmental Protection Performance

    With the objective of the international first-class level, TISCO vigorously implement the green strategies with their own characteristics and has built TISCO into a demonstration plant of circular economy , energy saving and GHGs recuction in metallurgical industry. From the year 2000 to 2008, 92 projects for energy-saving and emission reduction were carried out  with an investment of 4.8 billion RMB yuan, and brought about an increase in annual output value of 1.67 billion yuan , increasing benefits by 550 million RMB yuan. 

    The green landscaping of the factory environment has been promoted continuously;  the greening area  has  reatched  2.816 million square meters; green land rate is 33.4% ;  greening coverage rate has reached 38.4%;an eco-garden factry has initially formed.

    TISCO’s Key performance Indicator of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection in 2000-2008

    The commprehensive energy consumption was reduced from 1048kgce/t steel  to 564kgce/t steel ,which was decreased by 46.18%.

    Energy consumption for every ten thousand yuan worth of the output value decreased from 2.7kgce to 0.64kgce, which was 76.29% lower than before. 

    Fresh water consumption per ton of steel dropped to 3.27 tons from 21.1 tons, 84.5% down.

    The discharge amount of the smoke dust per ton steel was reduced from 11.35kg to 0.52kg, 95.42 down.

    Sulfur dioxide emissions per ton steel was reduced from 8.7kg to1.4kg, 83.91% down.

    Chemical oxygen demand for per ton steel dropped from 2.5kg to 0.036kg, 98.56 % down.