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    Important News
    Gao Xiangming met guests from Harsco Metals and Minerals, USA
    By Dong Xiaobin
    On the afternoon of May 1st, Gao Xiangming, President of TISCO met Galdino Claro, CEO of Harsco Metals and Minerals, and his party in Garden International Hotel, Taiyuan. Zhou Yizhou, Vice President of TISCO, attended the meeting. 
    During the meeting, Gao Xiangming briefly introduced the development, the application of new technologies in environmental protection and circular economy of TISCO in recent years, and fully affirmed the cooperation between the two companies. He said that the construction of the project of TISCO-HARSCO Technology Corp. Ltd. went well, two companies established profound friendship during the cooperation and laid a good foundation for the development of TISCO-HARSCO Technology Corp. Ltd.. He also hoped that both companies continue working hard to finish the road construction and the afforestation of the project according to the TISCO’s standards for environment renovation and make the project achieve its design capacity in the year.
    Galdino Claro said he saw the new technologies of environmental protection and circular economy in world’s leading standards and the most advanced iron and steel enterprise in the world during his visit to TISCO, from which we could see TISCO’s determination in environmental protection and growing comprehensive competitiveness. He believed that the cooperation with Harsco Metals and Minerals would definitely achieve fruitful results. He also expressed that Harsco would utilize its existing resources in the world to support the development of the TISCO-HARSCO Technology Corp. Ltd. and open up more channels for marketing the new slag products.
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